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George Washington

George Washington: 1st President of the United States.
Worshipful Master of Alexandria Lodge #22



Benjamin Franklin: Grand Master of Pennsylvania.
Member, Lodge of Nine Sisters Paris



Paul Revere: Patriot.
Midnight Rider


Marquis de Lafayette.jpg

Marquis de Lafayette: Frenchman.
Soldier. Friend of Washington


Robert Livingston 

Robert R. Livingston:
Committee to draft the Declaration of Independence


John Hancock.jpg

John Hancock: Signer of the Declaration of Independence


John Marshall.jpg

John Marshall: Chief Justice of the Supreme Court


John Paul Jones.jpg

John Paul Jones: Father of the U.S Navy


Wolfgang Amadeus Motzart.jpg

Wolfgang Amadeus Motzart:



Joseph Haydn.jpg

Joseph Haydn: Composer



Alexander Pope.jpg

Alexander Pope: Poet and Satirist



Oscar Wilde.jpg

Oscar Wilde: Playwright and Poet



Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.jpg

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Creator of Sherlock Holmes



Alex Haley.jpg

Alex Haley: Author of Roots



Sir Walter Scott.jpg

Sir Walter Scott: Scottish Poet



Mark Twain.jpg

Mark Twain: American Author



Rudyard Kipling.jpg

Rudyard Kipling: Author and Poet




Ernest William McFarland.jpg

Ernest William McFarland:  
United States Senator from Arizona Governor of Arizona,
Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court



John Wayne 2.jpg

John Wayne:
Academy Award winning actor,Member California's Glendale DeMolay Chapter. Was initiated at and joined the Marion McDaniel Lodge #56 in Tucson, AZ.
York Rite, Shriner.



Barry Goldwater2.jpg

Barry Goldwater:
U.S. Army Air Force in World War II and as a U.S. Senator Candidate,
President of the United States
, Lifelong Freemason, Initiated, Lodge #2
Phoenix, AZ. 33rd Degree Mason, Scottish Rite. Knights Templar, York Rite.



John Jacob Rhodes.jpg

John Jacob Rhodes Jr.
US House of Representatives. Oriental Lodge #20, Mesa, Arizona, 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason. 33rd Degree. Supreme Council Grand Cross. York Rite,
Royal Arch Masons, Cryptic Masons, Knights Templar. DeMolay
Legion of Honor member. Arizona DeMolay Foundation



J.D. Hayworth.jpg

J.D. Hayworth Jr.
United States House of Representatives
Member of Arizona Lodge No. 2



Marquez Pope.jpg

Marquez Pope:
NFL San Diego Chargers. Played for 5 teams in 10 seasons San Francisco 49ers. Member Scottsdale Lodge. No. 43, Scottsdale, AZ




Davy Crockett.jpg

Davy Crockett: Frontiersman


Jim Bowie 

Jim Bowie: Frontiersman. Inventor of the Bowie Knife



Sam Houston

Sam Houston: First President of the Republic of Texas



Kit Carson

Kit Carson: Frontiersman



Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark: Explorers



Charles Lindbergh

Charles Lindbergh: Aviation Pioneer




Walter P Chrysler.jpg

Walter P. Chrysler: Auto Maker



Ransom E. Olds.jpg

Ransom E. Olds: Auto Maker



Andre Citroen.jpg

Andre Citroen: The Henry Ford of Europe



Nathan Meyer Rothschild.jpg

Nathan Meyer Rothschild: 19th Century Tycoon



John Jacob Astor.jpg

John Jacob Astor: 19th Century Tycoon



JC Penny.jpg

J.C. Penny: Department Store Founder



harland sanders.jpg

Col. Harland Sanders: Founder of KFC



dave thomas.jpg

Dave Thomas: Founder of Wendy’s



stephen wozniak.jpg

Steve Wozniak: Co-Founder of Apple Computers


Winston Churchill.jpg

Sir Winston Churchill: Prime Minister of Great Britain



J. Edgar Hoover.jpg

J. Edgar Hoover: Founder of the F.B.I.



Florello Laguardia.jpg 

Florello Laguardia: Three Time Mayor of New York



Robert Dole.jpg

Senator Robert Dole: U.S. Senator. Presidential Candidate




Kalakaua: King of Hawaii



benito juarez.jpg

Benito Juarez: President of Mexico



Barry Goldwater.jpg

Barry Goldwater: Arizona Senator. 33rd Degree Mason



Josiah Henson.jpg

Josiah Henson: One Time Slave. Abolitionist



Booker T. Washington.jpg

Booker T. Washington: Educator and Reformer



WEB Dubois.jpg

W.E.B. DuBois: One of the Founders of the N.A.A.C.P



thurgood marshall.jpg

Thurgood Marshall: Supreme Court Justice



jesse Jackson.jpg

Jesse Jackson: Civil Rights Leader



Al Sharpton.jpg

Al Sharpton: Political Activist




John Glenn.jpg

John Glenn:
1st American to orbit the earth. U.S. Senator



Gordon Cooper.jpg

Gordon Cooper: Mercury 7 Astronaut



Virgil Guss Grissom.jpg

Virgil “Guss” Grisom:
Mercury 7 and Apollo   Astronaut




Wally Schirra:
Mercury 7, Gemini and Apollo Astronaut



Buzz Aldrin

Edwin “Buzz" Aldrin: Apollo 11 Astronaut.
Second Man to Walk on the Moon




Ringling Brothers.jpg

The Ringling Brothers: Circus Promoters



Florenz Ziegfeld.jpg

Florenz Ziegfeld: Showman.
Creator of the Ziegfeld Follies



William Count Basie.jpg

William “Count” Basie: Jazz Legend



Clark Gable.jpg

Clark Gable: Actor



Lionel Hampton.jpg

Lionel Hampton: Jazz Great



Louis Mayer

Louis B. Mayer:
Hollywood Studio Founder



Jack Warner.jpg

Jack Warner: Founder of Warner Brothers Studios



Cecil B DeMille.jpg

Cecil B. DeMille: Legendary Film Director



Douglas Fairbanks.jpg

Douglas Fairbanks: Actor



John Wayne.jpg

John Wayne: Actor, DeMolay



Harry Houdini.jpg

Harry Houdini: Magician and Escape Artist



W.C. Fields.jpg

W.C. Fields: Actor. Comedian



Harpo Marx.jpg

Harpo Marx: Actor. Comedian



red skelton.jpg

Red Skelton: Actor. Comedian



Richard Pryor.jpg

Richard Pryor: Comedian



Bronson Pinchot.jpg

Bronson Pinchot: Actor. Comedian



Peter Sellers.jpg

Peter Sellers: Actor. Pink Panther



ernest borgnine.jpg

Ernest Borgnine: Actor


Telly Savalas.jpg

Telly Savalas: Actor




Sugar Ray Robinson.jpg

Sugar Ray Robinson:
5 Time World Boxing Champion


Jack Dempsey.jpg

Jack Dempsey: World Heavyweight Boxing Champion


John Elway.jpg

John Elway: Football Legend. Quarterback


Scottie Pippen.jpg

Scottie Pippen: 6 Time World Basketball Champion


Sam Hornish Jr.jpg

Sam Hornish Jr.: Indy Racing League   Champion


Eddie Rickenbacker.jpg

Eddie Rickenbacker: World war I Flying Ace


Blackjack Pershing.jpg

Blackjack Pershing:
Hero and General World War I



Jimmy Doolittle.jpg

Jimmy Doolittle: World War II Aviator




General Douglas MacAurthur:
World Wars I & II. 5 Star General


Omar Bradley.jpg

General Omar Bradley: General World War I


George Marshall

George Marshall: General. U.S. Army Chief of Staff.
Secretary of State. Secretary of Defense.




george washington.gif

George Washington


james monroe.jpg

James Monroe


andrew jackson.gif

Andrew Jackson



james polk.jpg

James Polk


James Buchanan.jpg

James Buchanan


andrew johnson.jpg

Andrew Johnson


james garfield.JPG

James Garfield


william mckinley.jpg

William McKinley



Theodore Roosevelt.jpg

Theodore Roosevelt



willam howard taft.jpg

Howard Taft



warren harding.jpg

Warren Harding



franklin roosevelt.jpg

Franklin Roosevelt



harry truman.jpg

Harry Truman



gerald ford.jpg

Gerald Ford